Proven ways the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system protects businesses

As a follow-on to our first and second articles, we look at our alarms protecting good business interests. Read about an anti-theft unmanned remote petrol station, ensuring the fire-safety in a huge warehouse, and keeping foodies happy with correctly chilled food.

Keeping a sure eye on a remote fuel station

A project for such a fuel station involves protecting and remote-monitoring the payment machines connected to fuel pumps. If anyone forces open the payment machine for theft, a signal will be sent to the monitoring station and immediate actions can be taken with the confidence of video-verification behind them. Staff will occasionally override the protection to remove money as part of their duties via the remotely controlled electric lock. The JABLOTON 100+ system thereby protects against income loss and removes the costly need for 24/7 staffing at many locations.

Intelligent fire-safety for staff and mass inventory

The JABLOTRON 100+ offers smart large-scale monitoring in warehouses to warn of fire threats to avoid staff danger and inventory loss. Extensive warehouses can have a large number of spaces monitored individually. Automatic fire extinguishing systems can also be interfaced via remotely controlled switches(PG outputs) for immediate action, quickly stopping a fire. It goes without saying that sirens would sound for staff evacuation. Let the JABLOTRON 100+ system prevent fire while you focus on all-important business matters.

Letting restaurant owners chill out

Correct low-temperature food storage is vital to delivering good quality safe food, whether it be in a fast-food outlet or a top haute-cuisine restaurant. So many things can conspire to sabotage this, with faulty fridges, left-open fridges, incorrectly set thermostats, and power cuts being just a few. The JABLOTRON 100+ system can take away the worry by sensing the temperature in multiple fridges and alerting staff immediately when it falls out of range. Historical long-term temperature graphs can even be examined in the MyJABLOTRON app for past evidence. The system avoids the wastage of food eating into company profits, and maintains freshness for the best eating experience, bringing back customers again and again to the restaurant.

As you have just read, if you have a very unconventional or specific need to keep an eye on things to trigger an appropriate intervention, the JABLOTRON 100+, installed by our determined and creative installers, will handle it with ease. Contact us now.

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